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Montezuma's ruthless revenge


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Montezuma's Revenge Remake is a two-dimensional platform game where you play as Panama Joe, an adventurer trying to find treasure inside an Aztec pyramid. Naturally, he'll face all kinds of dangers along the way.

As you might have guessed, the game is a remake of the classic Montezuma's Revenge for Commodore. Like the original, this one perfectly combines elements of platform, action, and puzzle games into one title.

You'll have to beat levels infested with all kinds of dangers. Sometimes that means a steep fall that you need to figure out using stairs and ropes, but other times you'll run into a fire trap or enemies like snakes and skulls.

Everything that you find in the depths of Montezuma's Revenge Remake is lethal for your hero, except for the keys that allow you to advance to the next level, and maybe a few things more.

Montezuma's Revenge Remake has excellent visuals. Its models aren't especially elaborate, but it does have charming character design and some very carefully-made lighting effects.

Montezuma's Revenge Remake is a fantastic platform game that manages to preserve the essence of the original while wrapping it up in beautiful new packaging.
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